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Are You Really in Love?

10 Ways to Use Love Quotes

Using a Love Quote as part of a romantic gesture shows you to be very thoughtful and considerate. Plus, you don't have to wait for Valentines day to use them either. In fact they will be all the more welcome when you surprise your loved one a few times a year with these quotes.

And once you've chosen your quote you'll need a few ideas on how to deliver that quote to your loved one.

The following ways to use love quotes will give you some great ideas on how to do something a little different with your love quotes. From the very simple use of writing Love Quotes on 'stickies' and leaving them around the house, or in their briefcase, for your loved one to find. To the more creative and involved idea, where you record your love quotes on an MP3 file or CD and give that to your loved one to play when in their car or on the move.


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This is one of the easiest ways to use love quotes. Whether it's a valentines day card, Birthday or Christmas card for your loved one, by adding a hand written love quote will make it more personalized and be much more appreciated by your loved one.
And all the more better if you hand make the card too.


CD or MP3
Why not put together a recording of you saying your favorite love quotes. Your loved one can then listen to the quotes at anytime they like. And to make the recording even more special, include a few love songs that have great meaning to you both e.g. love songs from your wedding.


Random Notes
Another great way to use love quotes is to write them down on sticky note paper and leave them around the house where your loved one will find them e.g. inside cupboard doors, bathroom mirror, in their car or briefcase. Or, even in their wallet/purse.
These little 'surprises' show just how much you care and will bring a smile on even the dullest of days.


Mobile Phone Text/SMS Message + Video Clips
With so many of us carrying mobile phones it would seem a shame not to use mobile phone technology to send a love quote to your partner. And you could also include a picture, or even a short video clip of you reciting the love quote or poem. Simple, thoughtful, but very effective.


Printed Love Quotes
Nowadays it's so easy to get your perfect love quote printed onto all sorts of materials. For example get a quote printed on a T-shirt, hat, cups & mugs, mouse mats, pillows, calendars. Whatever you can think of, a love quote can be printed on it.
One great place that does this online is www.CafePress.com (USA and Rest of World delivery) and www.CafePress.co.uk (UK and Rest of World delivery)

Here are a few examples, just to get your creative juices flowing:


Chocolate Love Quote Treat
Another very popular way to surprise your partner with a love quote is to buy some nice chocolates which come with their own wrappers e.g. Ferrero Rocher and then carefull unwrap the sweet and wrap a small handwritten note around the sweet before wrapping it again in the sweet foil. And you don't just have to do it with one sweet. Put different quotes around several sweets in the box.

Visit Chocolate.com for a great selection of chocolate gifts.


Frame your Love Quote
Hand-write or print the love quote on some nice paper. And then buy a beautiful heart shaped silver frame within which to frame the quote. Take your loved one to a special restaurant and then recite the quote before giving them the framed quote which they can cherish forever. This could be done on Valentines day, an anniversary or just as a spontaneous gesture of love.


Love Quotes Scrapbook
The whole concept of Scrapbooking has been around a long time and is another ideal gift for your loved.

One option is to put together a short 'hardcopy' scrapbook full of your favorite hand-written love quotes, but the advent of technology gives you the chance to create a Digital Scrapbook online. Now you can create a beautiful scrapbook in no time, and have it printed off to give to your loved one.

Here are a few sites you can visit for ideas and examples, on both scrapbooks that you make at home and those you can make online:

www.computerscrapbook.com (Make a Scrapbook online.)

www.scrapbook.com (Materials to make a Scrapbook at home.)


Email Love Quotes
Another way to get your loved ones attention is to email them several love quotes over a period of days. This is especially suitable for love poems where you send a line from the poem each day. For example, for a 5 line poem you could send a line each day for 4 days before Valentines day and then deliver the final line of the poem on the day itself with some other heartfelt messages.

The Love Heart Sweet Trail
Remember those little packets of 'love heart' sweets you got as a kid? You can still buy them online and why not really express your love by making a trail of these sweets which lead to the bedroom. And on the bed you can place your most cherished love quote that has the most meaning to you both. This idea is perfect for Valentines day.