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If you want peace in the house, do what your wife wants. African proverb

An archeologist is the best husband any woman can have; the older
she gets, the more interested he is in her. Agatha Christie

I was married for nine years. Eight of those years were very passionate. But… well, passion's a mild word for it, really. It's… well, it was more like war. Alan Bates - An Unmarried Woman (film)

If you want to read about love and marriage you've got to buy two separate books. Alan King

Bed, as the Italian proverb succinctly puts it, is the poor man's opera. Aldous Huxley

So heavy is the chain of wedlock that it needs two to carry it, and sometimes three. Alexandre Dumas

Law and love are the same; romantic in concept but the actual practice can give you a yeast infection. Ally McBeal

Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage. Ambrose Bierce

Love at first sight is cured by the second look. American proverb

In literature as in love we are astonished at what is chosen by others. Andre Maurois

A man who is honest with himself wants a woman to be soft and feminine, careful of what she's saying and talk like a man. Ann-Margret

If women didn't exist all the money in the world would have no meaning. Aristotle Onassis

In their hearts women think that it is men's business to earn money and theirs to spend it. Arthur Schopenhauer

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards. Benjamin Franklin

When men and women die as poets sung, His heart's the last part moved, her last, the tongue. Benjamin Franklin

Without love, what are we worth? Eighty-nine cents! Eighty-nine
cents worth of chemicals walking around lonely. Benjamin Franklin Pierce

I thought I was in love once, and then later I thought maybe it was
just an inner-ear imbalance. Benton Fraser

Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place. Billy Crystal

A woman is like a dresser, some man always goin' through her
drawers. Blues song

The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that
sex for money usually costs a lot less. Brendan Behan

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