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Love is broad; if you love someone, you love all things, not just their beauty. Love is narrow; you love one and only one, compared to them, no one matters... A. Braxton

The art of love ... is largely the art of persistence. Albert Ellis

Falling in love is when she falls asleep in your arms and wakes up in your dreams. Unknown Author

Only love lets us see normal things in an extraordinary way.... Alejandro De Solminihac

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition. Alexander Smith

Love makes the wildest spirit tame, and the tamest spirit wild.... Alexis Delp

If music be the food of love, play on... William Shakespeare

Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart. Alphonse Marie Louis de Lamartine

When I look into your eyes, it's like falling in love all over again. Amanda Arco

Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever. Unknown Author

Love: A temporary insanity curable by marriage. Ambrose Bierce

Love reminds you that nothing else matters. Amy Bushell

You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.... Amy Carmichael

To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in all others. Anne-Sophie Swetchine

Two things only a man cannot hide, that he is drunk and that he is in love. Antiphanes

Love is the river of life in the world. Henry Ward Beecher

Real love begins where nothing is expected in return.... Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.... Aristotle

Love is to feel what the other is feeling even if they are far away. Barak

The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end. Benjamin Disraeli

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