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Marcel Proust Quotations

It is a mistake to speak of a bad choice in love, since as soon as a choice exists, it can only be bad. Marcel Proust

Like everybody who is not in love, he thought one chose the person to be loved after endless deliberations and on the basis of particular qualities or advantages. Marcel Proust

Love is space and time made directly perceptible to the heart. Marcel Proust

There can be no peace of mind in love, since the advantage one has secured is never anything by a fresh starting point for further desires.

Those whose suffering is due to love are, as we say of certain invalids, their own physicians.

We are ordinarily so indifferent to people that when we have invested one of them with the possibility of giving us joy, or suffering, it seems as if he must belong to some other universe, he is imbued with poetry. Marcel Proust

There is not a woman in the world the possession of whom is as precious as that of the truth which she reveals to us by causing us to suffer. Marcel Proust

A woman we love rarely satisfies all our needs, and we deceive her with w a woman whom we do not love. Marcel Proust